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Millwrights Millwright Local #711
I was hired to build a website for Millwright Local #711 in August of 2003. This site has been finished, wrapped up, and delivered. Any changes since September 2003 will be their own doings, which by the way has required me to fix their site SEVERAL times.
Image of the old Crew Website while it was still on Geocities Server. Venturing Crew 210, BSA
The Crew's website is my favorite by far. Mainly because I've worked on it for years just to get it where it is today. There is still more work to do on it and I will be the first to admit that, but at least I'm making progress as time permits. I'm always open to suggestions from member's (or non-member's even) that would better the site. However I am trying to keep the site as available to everyone as I can. Basically this means that I do not have plans on changing the main site over to Java, Flash, or other similar advances in Internet technology.
Troop 210 Boy Scout Troop 210, BSA
 - Site address not listed -
The Troops website is another long term project, although not in the sense that I work on it weekly. The fact is I haven't worked on the site in a long while. My reason is simple and every real Web designer knows that you have to have content in order to have a site. There may be pages, links, even a few pictures; but if there is no content then the site doesn't exist. If the Troop would send me content about their events, calendars, and best of all PICTURES then their site would be up and running as well.
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This is my personal website that I'll use basically as a hub for all of my other websites. I might also use it for posting things that I've been up to or have happening lately. No promises though.

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