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My name is Brian. I'm somewhere around twenty years old with a humor known amongst my friends. I was born in 1983, and was in the class of 2001.

Winter Formal~My Girl~
   I have been dating the same girl since 7th grade, and recently celebrated our eighth anniversary. All through High School and everything. It can happen. We've been engaged for about two years, and plan to get married March 27, 2005. That is our ten year anniversary and seems appropriate enough. Do you know how many people you meet over ten years? That doesn't even include the people that have known you practically since birth and demand to be invited to the wedding. Not that I mind of course. It'd be interesting to see 100-150 people at my wedding that I might not have seen or heard from for five or more years.


~My Webs~
   I started building websites back in 1997. The first site I worked on was one that started out to be about me but then became mostly about the troop itself, cuz who really cares about the mind and doings of an 8th grader? The troop website existed for a couple of years but has always had a serious lack of content and current happenings and so I had to shut it down. It was embarrassing. However the troop does have there very own section of waiting for them, if they ever bother to give me the info needed...  but I went on to build the venturing crew website in 1999 just after the crew was formed. The crew site has been my 'web wise' pride and joy for several years now. I try to keep it current and make sure that all the links work. Few things are more irritating than broken links. My most recent web work was at - a local Millwrights union that my father was a member of before retiring.

~At Home~
   In my spare time I used to ride my Suzuki 185 around the logging roads that surround my house and would spend afternoons checking out the views and hiking where I could. Now that I've moved into the city limits of Estacada, I spend my time on the computer interacting with people mainly from the U.S. and Europe. Charlotte and I had been keeping Leopard Geckos, green anoles, a green tree frog (found outside), and North American Western Lizards (also found outside), while we were at my parents house. Now our collection of reptiles consists of 1 leopard gecko, 3 bearded dragons, and 2 corn snakes.
See the Reptiles Page for more info.

Of course, I also listen to Music and watch Movies.

This page was last updated on March 5th, 2005.
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