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I like at least a little bit of everything. I mock most country music but do enjoy a few country songs. I generally listen to Portland's 94.7 NRK and occasionally 101.1 KUFO.

Rap: I like all of Eminem's albums. The Eminem Show was the best to me because it was more than just rap. I also really like the Insane Clown Posse (ICP). For those of you that know about Eminem and ICP you know that they have a feud between them. This feud also tends to move on to their fans in that if you are a ICP fan then you must hate Eminem and vice versa. I however like them both evenly. Both Eminem and ICP make good music that appeals to my dark sense of humor. The Great Milenko is my favorite ICP Album and is the fourth of six 'Jokers Cards.' ICP names their main Albums as Jokers Cards which are six pieces to a story. They say that when the Sixth card is revealed the world will be taken over by Juggalo's (ICP Fans). The 6th card was revealed fairly recently, and apparently we're all still here.

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