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Venturing Crew 210

I've been a member of Venturing Crew 210 from it's beginning in December of 1998. In Crew, I have held the Treasurer position for most of the Crew's time span, except for one term where another member held it. I've also been the President of Crew 210 between 2000 and 2004. Normally the members are re-elected into different positions but I stayed as President this long due to a lack of membership. Now I am an adult and the Advisor, and have new youth between 16 and 19 years old.

Venturing Officer's Association (VOA) & Venturing Program Cabinet (VPC)

I am no longer a part of either one of these scout groups as it failed and became pointless when only a handful of individuals worked on getting these programs running. We tried it for over a year with zero success, and even lost interest in our own district's VOA which was to be the MODEL for the rest of the council.
    Thank you everyone for caring about getting Venturing recognized...

Webelos Woods (WW) 2003 - Follow The Leader

I was the Program Coordinator (Head Honcho) for 2003's Webelos Woods in Thunderbird District. The event is for the Cub Scouts to have their first real camp out, and to give the Boy Scout troops a chance to recruit the boy's into their units. Webelos Woods was held at Milo McIver State Park October 3rd-5th. Every year there is at least some trouble with parking, since a majority of units arrive around the same time, since they tend to get off work around the same time. We also had a problem with camping space since we only thought to use one of two available areas. Our staff consisted of members from Crews 108, 174, 210, and 544. We also had our District Director Todd McDonald, Camping Director Mike De La Mater, and Webelos Woods Veteran Frank Haynes.

Thanks go out to everyone that helped make Webelos Woods a success.

I'll probably be helping with next year's Webelos Woods. Matt with Crew 108 had also stepped forward to help in the planning. We feel that after running the program this year, that it'll be much easier, and a lot better next year. We have plans to start working on Webelos Woods sometime in November of 2003 and start figuring out the budget, the location, and the different stations for the cub scouts to go through.

Webelos Woods 2004 - Corps of Discovery

Once again I was in charge of Webelos Woods. We went to Scouter's Mountain within Thunderbird District and utilized Camp Discovery's parking area, and Cub World's parking and camping areas. We also had Gilda's kitchen which made life so very, very, VERY nice as a staffer. I had loads of help from Matt and his parents Tom and Debbie, and the rest of the gang from Crew 108. We got snack items donated from Nabisco and had a wonderful crackerbarrel (gathering & eating of snack treats) with our campfire skits and songs. The events and camping areas were well spaced. We had the firewood donated by my parents and delivered by my dad.  We slept in the box cars and had an Awesome time. If only the patch was prettier... Which reminds me, Thanks go to Mike De La Mater for finding us hats and then gluing the event patches to them. These hats were our staff hats and told the campers just who is in charge around here.

Webelos Woods 2005 ( COMING SOON! )

So far I'm in charge of Webelos Woods 05, and it will be my last for a while, and NO Mike, I don't mean until 2006! hehe. Tom and Debbie are stepping out of scouts now that their kids are growing up and moving out, so a large gap will need to be filled by several volunteers with the right connections to make this year another Success!

Boy Scout Troop 210

I was a member of Troop 210 for about two years before my patrol, which was known as the Lightning Bolts Patrol,  formed Crew 210. When  I  had joined Troop 210 there was only about 5 youth members and we didn't really focus on Advancement. I earned my Tenderfoot rank and was stopped there because I have never liked swimming and refused to do it even to earn my Second and probably even First Class ranks. My behavior was Non-Scout like I know, but everyone has limits. Mine is swimming.
I had three Scout Masters during my time as a Boy Scout. Don Anders, Jon Payne, and Jim Geisinger. Don was my favorite Scout Master because he was my first and would be one of the greatest influences in my life. He had a way of taking care of business that made sure you knew that he meant business by tone of voice and demand. He was also like one of us kids because he collected a lot of the same stuff that my patrol did such as CCG cards. He taught us card games, made "Dump Cake" and was a great guy to be around. Don passed away April 21, 1998. I know that I will miss him for a long time and still get choked up when I think about him. My other scoutmasters were decent too, but I didn't see them much as we formed the crew shortly after Donny's death.

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