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Mikhail to Angel
  Green Anoles

Over the years we have had several Green Anoles. About seven Anole actually. First we had Nicole, and Mikhail. Nicole was purchased to be Mikhail's mate. Both Anoles were put in our large tank with Liz and her babies. We had a small set of Halloween Lights (about 12 lights) that fabric ghosts and plastic pumpkins that sit over the lights strung in the upper section of the tank. The anoles loved the ghosts because they could easily cling to them and stay warm.

We had the tank set up so that the anoles had a shelf up high where they could easily reach it without having to go to the ground level just in case Liz had any ideas of snacking. We placed a water dish and a food dish up on the shelf. The other side of the tank had a Prayer Plant that allowed for the Anoles to have another place to rest.

Mikhail was the largest male we have ever had. We had an interesting time with the Anoles as they would occasionally escape while cleaning the tanks. We would find Mikhail climbing up the movie case in my room and sitting on the top shelf. Mikhail grew what we believe to be a tumor. It started out small and continued to swell. It became rather large, and one day he simply died. Nicole disappeared one day. We weren't sure whether she managed to escape from the tank when we didn't notice or if Liz had actually eaten her. We had caught Liz watching / stalking Nicole before, and even broke up Liz from attacking Nicole on one occasion.

Since then we've had several other Anoles. They had names but were hard to tell apart. We purchased a 10 gallon tank with a fluorescent light lid. Charlotte put in terrarium carpet then Repti-Bark as substrate. Charlotte purchased some plastic plants to give the Anoles something to climb on that we wouldn't have to water. Char also bought a background that we taped to the outside of the tank.

We are not planning on keeping any more Anoles in the near future. One day we will set up a very large corner tank for them, but until then, we are going to stick to Geckos and hopefully get Bearded Dragons.

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